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RasouliSpine’s Clinical Trials Research 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic has elucidated many obstacles within the United States healthcare system, the gridlock of medical research has been evident for years.

While countries in Europe and Asia race towards “progress,” the United States often concerns itself with “process” and suffers through periods of “sluggishness.” In the past few years, very little has been done to facilitate scientists and innovators because they require substantial financial resources and process objectives upfront. This issue is furthered by the loss of enthusiasm seen in the investigational review boards in many institutions where the approval of proposing new ideas can take months to years. 

There are limits to how much review and process can affect innovation. And while the smartest societies can balance the two efficiently, the United States has undoubtedly lost its calibration. 

At RasouliSpine, we are proud to continue participating in national research projects, even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. We’re working to push the latest technology forward in the surgical realm because we believe that the patient experience should be the priority.

Dr. Rasouli has partnered with Centinel Spine to run a clinical trial for two new artificial disc replacement treatment options: The Prodisc® C SK and Prodisc® C Vivo cervical artificial discs. These products, which have already been the best-selling and most widely used disc replacement products overseas, are just now being evaluated by the FDA. Patients who participate will have potential access to state of the art spinal implants not currently available to the general populous in the United States. In addition, the United States will benefit from its validation of the safety and effectiveness of the advancements in cervical disc replacement technology. 

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact js@rasoulispine.com More info on our study can also be found at https://rediscovermylife.org/index.php

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