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RasouliSpine Works with the EOSedge to Provide the Best in Spine Care

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Introducing the most advanced imaging technology for x-rays yet: The EOSedge. RasouliSpine is the very first medical team to offer this new, state-of-the-art, biplanar x-ray detection system, as an aid with surgical planning in a non-hospital setting. We invite patients to experience full-body image scanning while standing upright in an open cabinet. The EOSedge provides 2D/3D X-ray imaging to patients who step in and out of the machine for the total duration of 20 seconds (or less). The total exam time is estimated to be complete in under 4 minutes. 

These optimal, high-resolution images for musculoskeletal pathologies and orthopedic surgical care, are produced with The EOSedge and accompanying Flex Dose, a low dose radiation technology – thus improving both the patient experience and radiation exposure time. An open cabin imaging machine also provides better accommodations for patients with limited mobility as well as children. 

The clinical applications of this system include: spine, and lower limbs (hip and knee), and produce images from a weight-bearing body. This advancement in imaging technique – allowing a patient to stand upright in order to acquire the images – enables physicians to consider the global musculoskeletal alignment of the patient’s body, for the first time. Weight-bearing imaging allows for a more accurate diagnosis and surgical plan. The EOSedge 3D imaging system may also additionally be utilized for post-op rehabilitation planning and for monitoring patient progress. Linear, continuous vertical scanning eliminates the need for stitching, and provides images that are 1:1 in scale for complete and precise evaluation of patient parameters.

Flex Dose technology uses body morphology to modulate radiations throughout scans, delivering homogeneous and optimal image resolution as well as further dose reduction to the patient. Meaning, this cutting edge technology delivers up to 80% less radiation to the patient than comparable processes. This new technology also allows for Micro Dose, which delivers even less radiation to the patient. Micro Dose is often used in follow-up examinations – the amount of dose received for a spine exam is equivalent to only a week’s worth of natural radiation. 

The EOSedge provides a new topography of the musculoskeletal system by having the capability of taking images of multiple areas of the body. Many spinal conditions effect more than one region of the body. The EOSedge’s 3D modeling of multiple planes of the body allow for clinicians to discover new views and parameters previously not made available to them by use of old imaging and radiographic technologies and techniques. Some examples of this include torsion, anteversion and rotation. The EOSedge gives clinicians better and clearer views of a patient’s anatomy. 

The EOSedge system uses guided photon counting detector beams and perpendicular x-ray fan beams to produce biplanar imaging. These beams scan a patient’s body vertically and reveal insights that are then made available in detailed high resolution imaging. No other imaging technology is available today and with greater clarity and more robust data, clinicians can better analyze patient data. This advanced technology can be used throughout patient care pathway, in providing a diagnosis, and/or for surgical planning and post-operative assessments.

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