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RasouliSpine Now Offering the Revolutionary EOS Imaging System

RasouliSpine is now the only private practice in Los Angeles to offer the revolutionary EOS Imaging System. This system of orthopedic imaging provides detailed, high-quality images while reducing the amount of radiation a patient receives by 50% to 85% when compared to standard x-ray technologies. Radiation exposure from medical imaging may result in long-term risks. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that as many as 2% of cancer cases in the US may be connected to the increasing use of CT scans. By utilizing this technology we are able to keep our patients safer, without sacrificing any insight into their conditions.

EOS is able to simultaneously capture frontal and lateral images of a patient’s entire body or a predetermined area, in a single scan while standing or sitting. Research shows that spinal alignment is impacted by the pelvic and lower limb positions. Full-body imaging enables us to consider the global musculoskeletal alignment for a more accurate diagnosis and surgical plan. More complex spinal deformities, such as scoliosis, are three-dimensional and require correction across multiple planes of the body and the EOS 3D models provide a more complete picture of the deformity to help us plan more advanced surgical treatments.

Since the EOS system captures full-body images in a single scan without stitching or vertical distortion, it is able to provide true size images on a 1:1 scale for accurate measurement and surgical planning so that we are able to make the most informed decision about the best course of action for treatment and to continue to assess through our post-operative care.

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