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Range of Motion: Cervical Arthroplasty Compared to Cervical Fusion

Courtesy of Medtronic Spinal

Cervical Arthroplasty and Cervical Fusion are two similar treatments that have some key differences which are explored in the following video:

The Prestige LP Cervical Disc on the left is an artificial cervical disc and is designed to maintain motion at the treated levels in the cervical spine. The treated levels maintain motion after the disc is implanted.

The Atlantis Vision Elite cervical plate on the right is designed to provide stability or fixation during spinal fusion. When a plate is used it provides stability during spinal fusion which limits the motion at the treated level.

In this side view of the neck, the disc maintains motion at the treated levels when tilting your head forward and backward. At 2 years after surgery, considering all of the patients treated with the Prestige LP Cervical disc at two adjacent levels 100 out of 196 which is 51% had more than four degrees of motion at both treated levels while bending the head forward to backward. The cervical plate on the right provides stability at the treated levels when tilting your head forward and backward.

Risk of Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion surgery include, but are not limited to:

  • Foreign body reaction to the implant includes possible tumor formation autoimmune disease metallosis and/or scarring.
  • Implant migration, implant subsidence and loss of fixation.
  • Bone formation (including heterotopic ossification) that may reduce spinal motion or result in a fusion either at the treated or at the adjacent levels.
  • Sizing issues with components.
  • Development of new radiculopathy myelopathy or pain.
  • Tissue or nerve damage caused by improper positioning and place of implants or instrument.
  • Fracture, microfracture, resorption, damage or penetration of any spinal bone and/or bone graft or bone graft harvest site at, above, and/or below the level of surgery.
  • Bending, and/or breakage of any or all of the components.

The Atlantis Vision™ Elite Anterior Cervical Plate System is intended for anterior interbody screw fixation from C2 to T1. The system indicated for use in the temporary stabilization of the interior spin during the development of cervical spinal fusion in patients with:

  1. Degenerative Disc Disease, as defined by neck pain discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed by patient history and radiographic studies
  2. Trauma (including fractures)
  3. Tumors
  4. Deformity (defined as kyphosis, lordosis or scoliosis)
  5. Pseudarthrosis
  6. Failed previous fusions
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